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PBL lives to make entrepreneurship less mysterious, less confusing, and less lonely. We teach practical, no fluff, business lessons. PBL introduces you to a vibrant world of like-minded business explorers.

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Old Barrel

Understanding The Barrel


Ever wonder why hard working, dedicated people and organizations fail? Understanding the Barrel explains why trying over and over and harder and harder will not get you to your destination. This lesson provides the "ahh ha" moment needed to jump from the ruts and blaze a new trail. Contains video lesson by Parker DeVore, lesson worksheet and reflections. Estimated study time: 25 minutes. BUY NOW


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Private Business Lessons


We believe we should assist entrepreneurs in any way possible.             
Business ownership and operation can be one of the loneliest walks on the planet. To the best of our ability we want to be there when you need to ask questions and learn new skills.